Pro Staff Andy Beck

My name is Andy Beck and I am 38 years old and married with a 2 year old little girl. I own my own business which gives me the flexibility to be in the woods and hunt on a regular basis.  I am a resident of North Carolina  and that is where I do the majority of my hunting.  I also have property that I hunt in Virginia and a recently acquired lease in Ohio. I primarily hunt with handguns, but also enjoy bow hunting as well as shotgun only turkey hunting. I have been handgun hunting for a total of 23 years and have been able to hunt Wyoming, Texas, and Maine.  I have a tendency to switch up different handguns/calibers throughout the year and enjoy shooting a wide variety of weapon systems to include T/C’s FA’s, CVA’s, and Xp-100’s. This year it is looking like my primary guns will be a newly built Apache 284, FA 475, Encore 376 Styer, 450 Marlin (for Ohio), and a Lone Eagle 260 (very cool gun). Of course I always throw in some of the TC’s and open sighted revolvers to mix it up and keep it interesting.