Meet Cody Weiser

I’ve been hunting since my childhood and have always had a fascination with the outdoors and firearms.  I began my law enforcement career when I was 20 years old and that career path allowed me to constantly hone my shooting skills with both handguns and rifles.  In law enforcement, I have been fortunate enough to participate in a wide range of tactical, firearms, armorer, and instructor schools as well as duty assignments.  This training and experience has had a direct positive impact on both my career and my hobby as a hunter and shooting enthusiast. I’m an active full-time Texas peace officer and still get to the range and the woods on a regular basis.  Whether I am teaching a class on the range, guiding one of my 5 children on a hunt, sitting around a campfire with my beautiful wife, or even getting some form of trigger-time myself, I am always thankful for the moments I have in the great outdoors.

God is Good…

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