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The W-GEAR® CLAW BAG is the only rest bag on the planet that offers a 360 degree same-size shooting platform with over 10 inches of surface area to rest your rifle. No more having to think of how to position your bag as you approach a barricade or rest. Just plop the CLAW BAG down and take care of business.

Because of our unique round (and patent pending) center-driven design, the CLAW BAG utilizes gravity to cause the bag to grip anything you set it on giving you, the shooter the most stable platform available on the market today. The CLAW BAG literally grips whatever you put it on!
Each W-GEAR CLAW Bag is designed with 4 Freedom Talons that cling to whatever you place it on just like a Bald Eagle gripping a salmon. Every CLAW Bag is Bald Eagle approved and Patriot certified! If things like Freedom and Bald Eagles cause you to mis-wrap your man bun, then you need to find the nearest cry room and then go buy yourself a crossbow.

Like ALL W-GEAR, the CLAW BAG is handmade right here in the USA and is a Law Enforcement Officer owned company.

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